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Rally to Milos
Revenger Rally to the Greek island of Milos
On Friday 29th May 2009 a gathering of Revengers started on a trip from Athens to the volcanic island of Milos, some 85 miles south of the Greek mainland, with a tour around the island by water on the Saturday, then heading North back to Athens on Sunday via other islands in the Cyclades range.

There were to be 8 Revengers taking part which for the first event of this type was a great turn-out, ranging from an 8 year old 27 called "Vigilante II" with a single 225 Honda owned by Paris Papazotos to the first Revenger 31 twin Yamaha inboard now named "Sea Whisper", a personal favourite of mine now owned by Lazaros Piatopoulos who is the General Manager of Kodak Greece and East Europe.

The 27 "Vigilante II" powered by a single Honda 225hp, still looking excellent after eight years.

The original Revenger 31 now owned by Lazarous Piatopoulos and called "Sea Whisper", looking and running great.
We were going to be joined for the trip by three stars of the 2008 Round Britain powerboat race, Vassilis Pateras, Panos Tsikopoulos and Lefteris Vasiliou, who with Dag Pike as navigator aboard the 55ft Buzzi three engined monohull "Blue FPT" went on to win the event.
Pictured here just before the start of the race in June 2008.
On arrival in Athens Harry took us straightaway to a boatyard where the engines of Vassilis's Revenger 32s "Mary Blue" were being tweaked and therefore in need of a quick test before the trip started the next day.
The trip had a rumour of a sprint for the last 25 miles to Milos where the first boat to arrive would win a trophy and their fuel for the weekend paid for. This was too good for Vassilis and Panos to pass up, still fresh after their win last year and keen to outdo each other this time.
We hitched on the trailer and took the boat to the local slipway where Harry & Vassilis launched and were quickly off for a blast.
They returned with smiles and reported a successful test, the trip was on for Vassilis and he was happy that he was going to whip Panos's rear end.

Below is the map showing the route we took and following is the story of the trip.

Most of the boats tied up at the harbour of Adamas on the island of Milos.
We were off to the hotel and then out for a nice meal and a few beers.

Next day we all set off for the trip around the island, with a few stop offs on the way.
The weather started out cloudy with heavier clouds over the mountains on the far side but it was still very warm.

The Sky TV film crew wanted us to all do a mock race start, so with me at the helm of the 31 Med we all tried to give them what they wanted. It was difficult but after two goes we got it done.

I thought I would give the film crew a close up of the 31 Med through the wash of the Magazzu.
Photo by Rob Peake.

Of course Vassilis manages to get his 32 airborne.
Photo by Rob Peake.

Travelling around the island clockwise, our first brief stop was round on the North shore at Mandrakia with its Syrmata buildings right on the shoreline.
Pantelis Karakatsanis in his Revenger 29s "Chrisdim".

We all anchored for a dip at the famous beach at Sarakiniko.
Photo by Rob Peake.

The film crew getting the action from the Trophy presentation to Panos and Vassilis. The sprint into Milos was declared a dead heat between them.

George and Katy giving us a guided tour of Seagull Island just of Pollonia made up of basalt columns formed during the volcanic period.
Looking for a place to moor up the boats at the small fishing village of Pollonia.
A photo of most of the rally participants dining at a fabulous waterside restaurant at Pollonia.
Off on the next leg around the island, looking back at Pollonia and some of the others catching us up.
Panos running well passed us in the swells along the southern shores of the island.
Photo by Rob Peake.
The Revenger 29s Mk1 outboard well of Peter Giannoulis powered by a single Verado running smoothly.
Photo by Rob Peake.
Our last scheduled stop on the southwest corner of the island at Kleftiko.
The sun setting behind the island of Antimilos on the north west corner. Said to be a legendary site, which it was now for us. We were underway again after a unscheduled stop to sort the fuel supply to the engines.
Harry (in the red cap) organising the departure from Milos on Sunday morning. We were in for even more incredible sites.
A fabulous photo by Rob Peake of Vassili's 32 in a bay on the island of Polyaigos.
Approaching the amazing white cliffs on the island of Polyaigos. We had to stop here for our dip of the day.
Yes, the water really was this colour. The faces of the white cliffs continue right under the seabed giving the impression that you were floating in a giant swimming pool.
Heading North round Serifos to Kythnos and the last stopover at Loutra.
The final meal of our island trip at the harbour town of Loutra on the island of Kythnos.
On the last leg back to Athens.

Then it was back to the slipway at Palaia Fokaia where the boats were put back on their trailers.

Professionally shot video by the Sky crew that accompanied us on the epic trip to Milos Island.